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Assembled in November 2017 from various unused track lists, prospective album folders and SD2F files from 2008, all named after a 20 minute song from the period, this mini-LP collects these undeservedly neglected tracks from 2007, 2008 and 2009 that generally fall under the umbrella of a warped kind of synth-pop. It works nicely as a companion to SKY TIGER. There may be a finished version of Demalgamation out some time next year, but otherwise, this is it for revisiting the past, for now.

Another compilation, consisting more of rock-oriented tunes from the era, is available here: pbgut.bandcamp.com/album/corrosive-liquid

Download includes a lyric sheet PDF, a "back" cover, and some other artwork from the period.

All songs written and recorded August 23, 2007 – March 26, 2009 in New Jersey.
Thanks to Spencer, Mike, Jamie, Julia, Kalen, Tyler, Theresa, Shan, Dan and Alexandra.


released December 15, 2017


all rights reserved



Goodbye The Band New Jersey

Goodbye The Band is a collaboration between one human and a computer.

Thanks to Spencer, Michael, Julia, Jamie, Ben, Kalen, Patrick, Parks Burton, Tyler.

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Track Name: Everyday, My Day's a Cop
The souls of the Irish and the English will combine

Maintaining the yarn we own can reach them through this winter
The horses are brewing tea the best that they know how

It's not like we bought them just to ride them all around
The air is moving us with permutating leaps

When I die, your wedding gift's the only thing I'll keep

I've been inhaling ash all week
Sifting through the relatives
Scanning brains that didn't burn
Looking for the thinning clue

Outside his clothing, there's a summer sun burning

HIs dad is passed out beneath the tree in the tuning grass
He's humming the buzzing notes that is the chord he needs
to finish the song he's building on the roof since he was 17

I've been inhaling ash all week (I've been inhaling ash all week)
Sifting through the relatives
Scanning brains that didn't burn (Scanning brains that didn't burn)
Looking for a trace of you
Track Name: Please Be Aware of Kids
Please be kind to us
We are from the past
Our feelings are ancient
But not outdated
You need to treat us with utmost sweetness
Or we will destroy ourselves with a painting
Oils will stain your shirts and your conscience
This is not something you will wanna go see in a museum

Please be aware of us
We are from your drive
Our basics are ancient
But we're very current
You need to treat us as if we are tape
That you can't erase but can erase itself
Magnets can be very destructive forces
This is not something you will want to hang on your refrigerator

Please be aware of us
Please do be aware
Track Name: The Ballad of Jeff Griffith-Perham
I was born during a reel change, I came out dreaming
Some asshole switched our umbilical cord, I condemn him for his scheming
When the lights came up, I started screaming
I'm not sure if it's better to be born or bored, I'm not sure which way I'm leaning

Some people make excuses for never using erasers
And others are accused of over-applying their tasers
Most of the time I find myself living in the spectrum in-between
Becoming involved in the lives of strangers on a giant movie screen
Track Name: How To Fake Like You Are Shane and Wendy
Selling used cars
I wish I had a baby
Getting lost in my thoughts
I wish I had a dictionary
So I crawl over to the library
Time will pass, the pages will crack
And having never slept or read before
I will fall asleep among the stacks
Dreaming of woman
I wish I could have more than one
Planning for a tragic road trip
Never should be so much fun
So I swallow a pill that makes me feel real sick
Sail over guardrails and roll to a river
Pet an animal that runs away
And build a house that shivers with fever

Collecting the postcards
I remember when there was time for this
Lying in a stranger's bed
I've lived my life for a single kiss
When contact's over, I slide away
The world is made of mud and it makes this very easy:
Stealing me away
(Spend my days in a parking lot)
Stealing me away
(Making words up that fit like a glove:
The love of my life, oh-oh
The love of my life, oh-oh")
Track Name: 1 Drink 'Til Freedom
Those girls with their crazy eyes
I want them to know, I disapprove

1 drink 'til freedom
1 drink 'til freedom
1 drink 'til freedom
1 drink 'til freedom

They need some corrective lenses
I could sell some to them

1 drink 'til freedom
1 drink 'til freedom
1 drink 'til freedom
1 drink 'til freedom

If they are not interested
I could maybe talk them into it

1 drink 'til freedom
1 drink 'til freedom
1 drink 'til freedom
1 drink 'til freedom

If I fail that's okay with me
I've got other things to occupy me

1 drink 'til freedom
1 drink 'til freedom
1 drink 'til freedom
1 drink 'til freedom
Track Name: Aperitifs für die Zerstörung
Wipe the counter with your beautiful ice
Clean the oven with your silky thighs
I'm the mother of your children
I'm interested in killing your business associates who are less than compliant with your wishes
Then you can help me clean the dishes

Graduate high school in a brilliant disguise
Invent a new kind of airplane for the fliers of skies
I'm the freer of your people
I'm interested in tables and charts and things 'cause ignorance is promoted by kings
And you can help us grow some wings
Track Name: Make Sure The Kitchen Sink is Real
Every button has not been pressed yet

Every factory has not been built to cast the button to be pressed
Every button has not been pressed yet

Every listening kid has not got the non-listening kid yet
And I know that the 21st century is right around the corner

And we'll wear headlights to dine out in the future
That'll be real
Track Name: Cover Thoughtologist
No amount of explanation would make your choices appealing
I will turn the volume down and grab an axe to start the healing
I've got the car, the map, the road and the ambition, my gifted one
I put the blindfold on and cash in the ignition, my hipster son

Drive away in an arcade game

Arrangements should be dignified
The family's been notified
All the blood from a cover's hands
Murder is a re-arranging plan

No amount of equivocating could obscure the fact you're nauseating
If your music's supposed to be sustenance I'll permanently stop masticating
I've got the plans, the tools, the land and all the permits, honey
I put the blindfold on and dig a ditch to submit 'n' hide money

Dig with your hands through a blacktop surface

Arrangements should be dignified
The next of kin's been notified
All the blood from a cover's hands
Murder is a re-arranging plan
Track Name: Heads and Hearts Design Games Across The Continents
When I had a family school I ran a family school I had a friendly rule
Then they saw me flailing and bought me a sailor's suit and a boat to boot

Then I met a major power
Now I've got castles
Upkeep's a hassle
We design our schedules now
Friendships get strengthened
When weekends are lengthened

I'm sold!
I'm sold!

When I tried the baby food I was entranced by all the little flavor gaps
Then we tried for baseball, we were all their favorites, they gave us caps

Then we wrecked the world for five years
Invented countries
Banished the Frenchmen
We control the genre supply now
There's genres aplenty
For us ball-playing henchmen

I'm sold!
I'm sold!
So let's play ball!
Let's play ball!

When I had a reservoir, I owned some water, and it was my bread and butter
Then I got polluted, all my storefronts looted, too, it's undisputed

Then we took the oar for business
Not an adventure
We are indentured
We will all go out so soft, so poor, it's embarrassing
You like the way I sing?

I sing!
I sing!
Track Name: I'm Gonna Change The Way You Feel About Me
I still dream of your decadent ballroom
The basement you made into a giant dance hall
The liquor that poured freely from a giant stocking that you'd hung from a disco ball

I'm gonna change the way you feel about me

I still dream of the walls lit by torches
The long tunnel leading to your love crypt
Tombs filled with teenage mash notes
Stockpiles of hickey'd throats

I'm gonna change the way you feel about me
I'm gonna change the way you feel about me

We remember autumn days
Gentle genie gentleman rays
Shooting men onto the ground
Spin your sister round and round
Track Name: Welcome To The Farm (Overwhelming Joy)
Hi! This is the farm calling, welcome to the famous farm on the roller coaster,
thanks for coming along, I'm your host, Automated Sound Voice Roundabout Explanation Talkgirl
My friends call me Talsie for short but you can call me whatever you want
I'm not programmed to have preferences and I might be impressed with a name you come up with

All the animals are laughing because they're on a roller coaster, do you get it?
I find that laughter is very non-threatening, what about you?

Out back here there's a skylight I call it a sky
and a shuttle to Australia which is burning personally for me with a lot of mystery
It's a magnet and I'm attracted to it I hop on go there for lunch and come back refreshed and my head filled with dreams

Oh, and here's our Automated Singing Man, he has no choice but to love to sing
Let's hear what he is singing:

Overwhelming joy
Overwhelming joy
Overwhelming joy
Overwhelming joy

Wow, that was amazing, not emotionally or viscerally
but technologically, can you believe there's such a thing as me or Automated Singing Man?
And the things he comes up with!
Anyway, we're reaching the peak of the roller coaster that the farm's on now which means WHEEEEEEE!
I hope you had your hands up, it's more fun that way
Track Name: Me and the Birdmusician's Evergreen Baby
Oh my god, Birdmusician, I respect you!
I would love to start a family with you!
I'm sorry I was out late at the skating rink
I can't keep my eyes off of my sister; she's so graceful

In the future, I will call
Or I'll think really, really hard and a drop of water will descend from the sky
It'll turn into acid, burn through the roof of your amazing cone-shaped apartment complex and scald you –
that's me; that's my love you're feeling!

How you're feeling what you're feeling (la la la, la la la)
How you're feeling what you're feeling (la la la, la la la)
How you're feeling what you're feeling (la la la, la la la)
How you're feeling what you're feeling (la la la, la la la)
Track Name: Pleasure
I was living the kind of life you read about in the papers
I was doing the kinds of things that are hard to keep a secret
Like experiencing pleasure
Like experiencing pleasure
By helping other people
By hurting other people

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