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by John Acquadro

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Originally released as a "solo album," by John Acquadro, this recording has the most collaborators on any Goodbye The Band album. It consists mostly of unfinished song fragments that were fashioned into a "solo album," some audio documentary snippets from miniDV tapes, and a single jam session cut into several parts. It was intended as a doppelganger joke take on Bob Dylan's "Self Portrait," an ongoing obsession at the time.

Includes "The Lion" EP, recorded a few months later, which actually has songs on it.

The cover art features Agent Frank Olson printed in the style of LSD blotter paper.


released February 28, 2006

Background Music elements recorded in Santa Cruz and Berkeley, CA. Finished in a few days in February 2006.



all rights reserved


Goodbye The Band New Jersey

Goodbye The Band is a collaboration between one human and a computer.

Thanks to Spencer, Morgan, Michael, Julia, Jamie, KE.

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Track Name: Goodbye The Band - The Lion 1: Kalen's Trip (ft. Spencer Owen)
Don't take me away!

I'm the boy
that can enjoy
a highway ride

On this ride
I drive to find
my lovely bride

I hope I don't
die tonight
on the highway ride

I hope I get
to find my bride
and complete
the highway ride

Don't take me away!

When you love someone
and you die tryin' to find them on the highway
that's an honor.
That's an honor.

When I was a little boy
I was filled with all these dreams
Many things would come and go
but these dreams were all a part of me

Now that I'm a dying man
All those dreams seem silly
Although I have this angel friend
Maybe he can help!

When I found you
you were bleeding
I couldn't help you
You were as good as dead

So I held you
and I felt you
Felt the blood fall
out forever from you

And now a note found in the pocket of the dead man:

"Dear Katie,

You blow my soul wide open and it burns like gold love. You fit like a glove that I never want to take off because it gives me magic powers that lets me be totally selfish and totally altruistic at the same time. I will be your spider-demon of beauty. I will shoot haze at anyone who says 'no' to you. They will be lost in eternal L.A. smog. They will not come down the highway; or anyway, we own the highway together and we can do whatever we want to the people on it. Most of the time we hold them upside down by their breasts (male or female), gently, and sing them hymns that may or may not aid them in our country's new collective effort to save itself. Will you be there with me when I explode angel rays out my mouth towards you? Will you receive them with your soul-tongue? If there are or were ever two people, Adam and Eve, Winston and Franklin, you are mine because I am you, we are one and everyone. Take a step off the bubblegum ship and realize there's a whole new land of candy waiting for you. And that's Kalenland. Kalencandyland."
Track Name: Goodbye The Band - The Lion 2: The Lion (ft. Spencer Owen)
Era mistakes
Truth-covered snakes
This is the blanket
That you'll need to feel brave in
Weight liftin' mountain
Bakes in the sun
Tells his new father
He's not havin' fun

I swallowed the pill
I fell down the hill
I didn't grow muscles
I started to kill

Couple a bills
Stuffed in torso
Tends to make a stout man
Look like a statue
Walk around town
Get beaten up
My statue gets taken
By a freedom fightin' lion

I want some kind of mountain
To improve the sunset
I want some kind of sunset
to improve the mountain

I want some kind of structure
to keep me instructed
The form of the structure
will heal me with reason
Track Name: Goodbye The Band - The Lion 3: Sportswriter
When I saw you coming off the field
I grabbed your body until your spirit left
I took as it fled and put it in my mouth


When I saw you tackle 38 out of nowhere
I felt myself become a little less Christian
I knelt and prayed right in front of your body


When I saw you comin' out of the shower I fainted
I hit my head and died on the floor of the locker room
When I came to in Heaven I was surrounded by you

Track Name: Goodbye The Band - The Lion 4: Double Bag the Brood (Paper in Plastic is Fine)
I spent some time in broodin' mode, layin' by the phone
He spent in bleedin' mode, bleedin' on the cross
I think I need to get a girlfriend not some guy who lives in a shirt
I think I need to get a boyfriend, a boyfriend who likes to get hurt

I spent some time in freedom mode being an academic
I spent some time underwater but then I got afraid of the ocean
I think I need to get some money (not the kind that teaches you to love)
I think I need to get some feelings so I can feel what I express

Let's go rent some broomsticks and clean this place the fuck up
(In my brooding mode, my brooding mode)
You think you can cook because you've never been hungry
(In my brooding mode, my brooding mode)
Let's go take a painting class and paint each other's bodies
(Brooding mode, my brooding mode)
You think this is hardcore because you've never been hardware
(Brooding mode, my brooding mode)
We can teach each other how to drive on the highway
(In my brooding mode, my brooding mode)
Have you ever drank water or another liquid?
(Brooding mode, my brooding mode)
Hey, you're fantastic and elastic!

Let's kiss each other blind before the apocalypse
(Brooding mode, my brooding mode)
You know, I think I don't really think you're that attractive
(In my brooding mode)
Track Name: London Girl
London Girl, close your eyes ‘cause here’s a storm you can’t survive
London Girl, twist your grin, your smile's a lemon confounder, honey

‘Cause when they made you baby, they really broke the London Bridge ‘Cause when they made you baby, they really got British-pounded

London Girl, change your voice because your mind is not my choice
London Girl, it’s all right, you won’t survive through the night

‘Cause when they made you baby, they really broke the London Bridge
‘Cause when they made you baby, they really got British-pounded
Track Name: "Background Music" Theme Song
When they’re hiding in the bushes
When they load the gun you keep in your closet
When Thomas Jr. starts an argument with the car
You’ve got problems!

When they’re jumbling the solvents
When they put your fingerprints on his drugs
When Nana says your life is hers to live
You’ve got problems!

When they cigarette your mustache
When the arm they blow up is your balloon
When Darby says “Crash!” and you go, “How fast?”
You’ve got problems!

When they disguise the disgust
with a disgust-disguise
When Albert Trofter runs his first through the red light at your forehead-not forehead intersection
You’ve got problems!

Albert Trofter: I made him up!
Albert Trofter: I made him up!
Track Name: Cubist Portrait of Leni Riefenstahl (ft. Spencer Owen)
We’ll do everything we can to get you a new man

Thin nanny gonna come to town
Gonna babysit your kids ‘till your kids are found
Thin nanny gonna make you think
Gonna come onto your husband and offer him a drink
When she’s done she’ll go overboard
and ask your husband how can you afford me?
Thin nanny. The thin nanny.

Freedom fighter gonna fuck shit dead
Gonna cut your fuckin’ husband and kick your head
Freedom fighter gonna make you laugh
Gonna tickle that shrapnel and put it in your path
When she’s done she’ll go overboard
and blow up your house with an explosive sword
Freedom fighter
The freedom fighter

Dictator will apoca-lyze the calypso island’s native’s eyes
Dictator will not gyrate but rip off your legs and teach you to hate
When she’s done she’ll go overboard and make you motherfuckin’ servant to her motherfuckin’ lord
The dictator. The dictator.

"She showed up in Nuremberg with an extraordinarily talented crew of cameramen.
She showed up, she showed up, she showed up --"

We’ll do everything we can to get you a new man
Track Name: The Hippocathartic Oath and the Hippocratic Oath Are Two Very Different Oaths
You should take a walk, my friend,
you should take a little walk
to complete this Christian mission
to heal the little girls

They have been always fighting,
so you should make a little speech
to declare the finish of the fighting,
finish off the fighting
Track Name: Macbeth
I’m not Macbeth
So stop bothering me
Track Name: Agent Olson's Last Day
Step out of the car.
Float in the air.
Your gravity shoes do not care about gravity.
Today you are not a slave to the ground.
Work where the sky is found.
The sky is your new employer.

When you realize the sky is a beneficiary of nepotism, kill the sky.
It is not such a fantastic guy The sky is not eternal. It is internal.
And the internal is a ticking clock.
And ticking clocks stop. Stop a cop.

Step out of your bed.
Fall on the floor.
Your bed ain’t on the ground no more.
Today you are not a slave to societal expectations.
You are incredibly drunk.
So go outside and sing an incomprehensible song to your neighbor who is already very suspicious of you.
Yeah, she’s suspicious.
(She’s a suspicious bitch, motherfucker!)
Track Name: The Cathedral of Erotic Diligence
No one but me loves you honey
No one but me wants to fuck
No one but me needs you baby
No one but me gives you luck
No one but me wants to touch it
No one but me needs your love
No one but me wants to suck it
No one but me needs the shove

Lay the towel upon the bed
Don’t want no jelly stains
When we’re done we’ll both go home
This hotel gives discounts to saints

No one but me
No one but me
Track Name: Improvement of "Pig Lib"
WASP children exasperate their fathers
They want to have the dialogue explicated
WASP children are intelligent
They generally lack the social maturity of a less intelligent child of a similar age
I call 'em White Anglo Saxon Prisoners

WASP mothers are concerned with hygiene
They generally consume tablets of testosterone to ensure their menstruation’s minimal
And did I mention what they keep their brains in?
They keep them in extra-skeletal cages.
White Anglo Saxophone Prisoners

WASP fathers are extremely forthright
They make their reality known to others
They make their reality the reality for sisters, wives, their mothers
I call ‘em White Anglo Saxon Brother Killers
Track Name: Stair Song
Waking up in a bed of rust
Waking up so the feet don’t match the body
Walking up a flight of stairs overcome by the beauty of wings
Now you’re on the highest floor surrounded by adult-themed things

Waking up on a city isle so the dream stays unexpounded
Waking up and a bet is lost so you have to use your legs now
Walking up to a blueprint stand and buying an architect’s dozen
All the buildings spring to life and nature becomes fuzzy
Track Name: Cantaloupe Is Great (ft. Spencer Owen)
Walking down the streets of my underground lair
Looking at the surface through my dirty long hair
Wondering about existential relations
Trying to figure out all these new sensations

‘Cause cantaloupe is great
But murder is greater
You can always kill a girl
You do not have to hate her

Running through the streets of my police state mind
I’ll tell you all about it if you ever have the time
Working through our problems like we really do care
to push and get thru this like the better day’s already there

‘Cause cantaloupe is great
But problems are greater
You can always have a slice
But you can’t always get out of a fix
Track Name: Dad's Song
Dad’s song (his song).
Dad’s song (his song).

You know he really didn’t want it to end this way!
He didn’t want it to be so permanent!
Track Name: Thomas Curse
Thomas Curse
Thomas Curse
He built a ship
a sinking ship
a ship to sink another ship
He built a ship
a shrinking ship
a ship to shrink another ship
Track Name: Blueprint
Before day breaks in half
Gotta get back to the factory
Gotta get back to the factory
Feed my kids to the factory

Every day it gets brighter
it moves straighter
it gets ready
Every day it moves faster
It gets smarter
It gets whiter
It’s just a little blueprint
but it’s got potential
It’s just a little idea but
it’s been marked essential
So why can’t you crown me king yet, baby?

It's getting stronger
The idea is getting stronger
Track Name: Sound Island
I barely escaped from Sound Island
Some sonic mistakes kept me captive there
My hearing is gone and I’m stranded on tears
Where I’m landing on Earth, that’s my birthplace
Track Name: Maybe You Lead Him
Maybe you need him.
Maybe you feed him.
Maybe you lead him, you lead him on.
Track Name: Sexual Frustration Blues (Live at Tree 9)
Horrible, horrible, horrible feeling
When you don’t have that sexual healing
You run around just trying to get it
And you just end up on the corner trying to sweat it
But you remember that your sweat glands were removed
You traded them in for a new pair of shoes
When you ran in the marathon
Which sponsored the years of your life long gone
Horrible, horrible, horrible feeling
When you don’t have that sexual healing
Hey baby you can mourn
By throwing away your board
And becoming a good Christian man
Bet that wasn’t in your Kill Everybody Plan
But you notice that your time isn’t all up
So you buy all the things you can
And you stuff your wife in a glass cup
And then re-name all your children ‘Woman’
And you go on a pilgrimage
Which sends out a bad message
To all the people in the town’s bonfire
Which screams to passersby, “Massive death buyer!”
And you run away from it because you know it to be true
And you look in the mirror and you ask, “Are my eyes blue?”
And you know that they’re as green as the everlasting sea
And you ask yourself, “Why do good things always happen to me?” And you run around town tryin’ to make up for all your luck
And you kiss all the women & ask the men if they want to fuck
But they shake their heads oddly
like they don’t know who you are
Until you finally whip out your big phallic guitar
And you play it all day till the women start to scream
That this is the fulfillment of their only libido-dream
And they fall to the street and begin to orgasm
And you realize that within their blood is the will to spasm
And the men that put you off at first now notice it too
And you look in the mirror, and your eye finally looks blue
Track Name: The Continuing Story of the Hippocathartic Oath
The nature of mankind
is nearly nonstop rabid combat
and to try and put our guns away
is like taking the wings off a bat
Track Name: Apology 1
I’m sorry I stole all your food babe
killed your babe babe
yeah I’m sorry I was such a blade babe
a stabbing blade
a babe-blade
Track Name: In The Past
In the past, people have had to get their water from a well
In the past, people drank from rivers and streams
In the past, people have had no concept of clothing
In the past, people dressed up to go on an airplane

In the past, the planets were sucked down a big straw by a benevolent baby in the sky
In the past, women have had to wait millions of years to shave their legs and underarms
In the past, women have had to wear more makeup

(“I’m Not So Corrupt” lyrics start, whole song fades out)
Track Name: Solitude
I was a woman once,
then a woman twice
and I thought it was so nice:
this solitude!

I was a woman once,
then a woman twice
and I thought it was so nice!
I was a woman once,
then a woman twice,
then a woman thrice!
This solitude was so nice!
Ba da doo doo ba, sugar!
Track Name: Apology 2
I’m sorry I studied your beautiful language
I’m sorry I understand its every word
I’m sorry I know the source of its poignancy
I’m sorry the poignancy is now gone

(Will you be my cannon fodder
So no more harm can undo Father?
Will you be my Spanish leather
Beautiful as any feather?
Will you be my cannon fodder
So no more noise will disturb Father?
Will you be my Spanish leather
and hide with me in the wine cellar?)
Track Name: Lithium Sucked The Life Out Of Francis Ford Coppola's Brain (Techno Mix)
I will have my drums pulled out in some Far East jungle dream
I will have the ears folded over, so I can hear the sea
The process gets confused, my face gets replaced
The storm rolls through, I’m a machine version of you
I will have the cameras rolling as I run out of feelings

I will have the fluid drained from the inside of my skull
I will have the fluid sanity to fix my thinning pull
Grab on Mrs., it’s a ride, my film is drawling homicide
Southern flavored, raise a fist, my newborn hand remains unkissed
Track Name: Final Apology
I’m sorry I couldn’t catch your carriage
I’m sorry I didn’t catch your name
I’m sorry I’ll meet you at the place at eight
I’m sorry that I am to blame
I’m sorry I couldn’t preconceive it
I’m sorry it had to be shown to me
I’m sorry I’ve got no imagination
I’m sorry I just learned I bleed
I’m sorry I couldn’t see a specialist
I’m sorry my box is full of beds
I’m sorry it’ll just have to wait, just have to wait sir!

I’m sorry you got no class or sugar
I’m sorry your bread’s gonna starve to death
I’m sorry you’ve got no rebellious sting
I’m sorry you got no grand ideas
I’m sorry you’ve got no special twanging
I’m sorry you’ve got expensive dreams
I’m sorry you’ve got too much freedom
I’m sorry you steal gasoline
I’m sorry you’ve got a bigger question
I’m sorry this is apple sauce
I’m sorry for this terrific album
This terrific collection of songs
Track Name: End Credits (ft. Spencer Owen)
I said everything's gonna be fine
I said everything's gonna be fine
I said everything's gonna be fine
I said everything's gonna be fine